Excavator Tracks for Sale – Types of Mini Excavators

Digger pulling weeds out of a drain

Are you thinking of purchasing mini excavator? Would you like to know more about the type and variety of mini excavators that are available in the market? You are at the right place. The following is a lowdown on the difference variety of mini excavator tracks.

Mini excavator tracks are of two kinds. Tail swing, which is also known as conventional house and zero tail swing. If you are wondering what kind of track you should be buying, it would actually depend upon

  • The output requirements that you have
  • And the amount of available space which you have

Conventional house or tail swing excavators

These kind of excavators are equipped with a rear counterweight. This helps stabilize the excavator while it’s working. The counterweight stretches six inches in front of the excavator tracks. The only drawback perhaps is that in areas where the work space is a bit tighter, the tracks might take up more space than expected. However, these kind of tracks have a few added benefits as well which include:

  • These offer the best lifting abilities.
  • The bucket and arm break out force is bigger and better as well when compared to other models of mini excavators
  • It helps achieve additional leverage
  • The cabs are roomier which allows the operator more room and makes it easier for them to maneuver the machine
  • This is the main reason why most operators prefer using the conventional house excavator tracks

Zero Tail Swing Excavator Tracks

The zero tail swing excavator tracks are just as useful and functional when compared to the conventional house excavators. They can dig better depths, reach the optimum cutting height and are much easier to navigate, especially in areas where the working space is comparatively smaller. These work better in areas like small and narrow corridors, and along the walls and barriers which are immovable.  Another additional advantage of zero swing excavators is that it’s easily accessible at ground level as well. The maintenance is easy for this very reason because all parts are easily within reach.

There are quite a few brands which design mini excavator tracks. The only thing which you need to keep in mind when buying these tracks are

  • Always buy the tracks from an experienced and well known dealer. If you know someone in your circle who has recently purchased excavator tracks, make sure you talk to them and share feedback.
  • The next thing to keep in mind is that there should be no compromise on quality. When you buy a good quality mini excavator, the tracks can work for more years and wouldn’t give away too soon. You may consider it as a long term investment. After all a major investment now can help you save a great deal of cash in the long run. There would be fewer maintenance issues and the machine would be good value for money as well.

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