Medical Beds – Buying Guide

Buying medical beds can be a pretty daunting task. After all there are many things you need to keep in mind. There is an option of choosing from a manual bed, a semi-automatic and a completely electrical hospital bed.  Here is a basic low down on all three kinds of medical beds.

Manual medical beds

As the name suggests, manual medical beds require manual effort. You need to lower or lift the bed with the help of a crank. Manual beds are a good option if the patient does not require frequent change in the bed position. They can move about a bit on their own and do not need constant supervision. On the other hand, manual beds are a cheaper and most economical option. If there is a caregiver who can supervise the patient than buying a manual bed is the right option.

Semi-automatic hospital bed

Semi-automatic beds come with a lever which can control the movement of the head and the foot of the bed. So anytime a patient wants to sit up or lie down, or put their feet up, they can make use of the lever. The only thing which might still need the manual adjustment would be the height of the bed. These beds might be more expensive than manual beds. However, the easy movement of the head and foot of the bed make it a viable option for those who don’t have caregivers to cater to their needs.

Electronic hospital beds

Electronic beds are attached to the electricity outlet and operated with the use of a remote control. These fully functional beds can be adjusted to any position or height with the help of a simple button. This I also one of the reasons why these beds are more expensive as well. If budget is not a problem and you want the ease and handiness which an electrical medical bed can offer, you can go and buy one online as well.

Other options for medical beds

Often enough patients might be at a risk of falling off from the bed, in such cases low rise medical beds are the best option. These prevent injury and are useful when the patient needs continuous monitoring. There is also an option of purchasing medical beds with come with full railings to prevent falls altogether. These might make the cost go up but are a better option.

There are bariatric hospital beds available as well. These can easily accommodate a person who weighs over three fifty pounds. These beds are sturdier and wider. But this is what makes them quite expensive as well. However all medical facilities could do with having a few bariatric beds.

When buying medical beds always keep in mind that you buy these beds from a well-known medical equipment supplier to know that you have got the best equipment.

If or when you are looking for medical beds which are high quality and give good value for money, make sure you check out the variety available at authorised stockists.